Lia Scallon and the Sounds of Sirius

For almost 20 years, the unique, otherworldly vocals of award-winning Composer/Singer Lia Scallon, have been transforming lives throughout the world. Lia’s songs transport the listener beyond current space and time, to an inner plane where they can connect with there own innate wisdom, and ability to self-heal. Lia’s music defies easy definition, for the power of these sacred songs and  accompanying ‘Language of Light’ belongs to the realm of Spirit. It is the heart and the soul of the listener that responds to the music, not the mind. Many say the music reaches deep into their soul, triggering remembrance of their life’s purpose. Inspirational and cathartic, transformational yet soothing to the spirit, it could be said that the ‘Sounds of Sirius’ are calling you ‘home’.

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