Welcome to the Sounds of Sirius

Lia Scallon is an award-winning composer and sacred songstress whose highly acclaimed Sounds of Sirius catalogue of healing music has garnered many music industry awards and nominations over the past two decades. Described as mystical, magical, and transcendent, Lia’s unique, otherworldly vocals transport the listener to a place of utter peace. These are songs to soothe and uplift the soul.

Since awakening to her Starseed gifts 32 years ago, Lia’s soul mission has been to assist in raising the frequency of humanity and the Planet in readiness for the momentous ‘Shift of the Ages’ now taking place. All her songs are direct transmissions from Source, gifted to help expand consciousness, and awaken, activate and heal the listener.

Another purpose of these Galactic frequencies is to reactivate the harmonics of the Earth’s Crystalline Grid. In her role as Sirian Emissary of Light, Light Language code bearer, and Crystal Skull caretaker, Lia has journeyed to many of the planet’s ancient power portals, to help amplify their energetic vibration with her sacred song, and reactivate specific Master Crystals that have lain dormant. Her work with the Songlines of Australia, the place she now calls home, and the ancestral magic of Ireland, the land of her birth, has been an ongoing privilege and joy.

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Latest News

2023 Equinox Crystal Grid

This 2023 March Equinox has been heralded by astrologers as epoch changing. They say its effects will be seismic.

Happy St Patricks Day!

Although I now live at the other side of the world from the land of my birth, today is a day when I feel immersed once more in the land of Faeries, Saints and Scholars! The indefinable magic of The Emerald Isle remains an ever-present and integral part of my soul.

New Year’s Crystal Grid

I spent my first morning of 2023 creating this Crystal Grid to set my intention for the year ahead. I hope the Guidance I received about its purpose will inspire you

Gold & Silver Blessings!

At the recent COVR International Awards ceremony in Denver, ‘Temple of the Maya’ took out the Gold Award for best music video, and ‘Return of the Star Elders’ took out the Silver  Award in the Visionary Music category. My heart is full. Thank you to everyone who took the time to vote.

Solstice ‘I Am’ Coronation

On this Solstice day, enjoy this beautiful meditation to merge with your Inner Queen/King, and claim your true heritage as a Divine Sovereign Being.

Galactic Goddesses Event

What an amazing time we had during our Galactic Goddesses 4-hour round table discussion! So much Wisdom, So many Insights, So much Love. Find out how to watch the Replay!