Lia Scallon and the Sounds of Sirius

Lia Scallon is an award-winning composer, sacred songstress, writer, and producer of the ‘Sounds of Sirius’ series of healing music albums. For the past 20 years, Lia’s unique, otherworldly vocals have been transporting listeners to that sanctuary within the heart, where they can connect with their own inner wisdom and ability to heal. Many say that Lia’s sacred songs and accompanying ‘Language of Light’ reach deep into their soul, awakening the remembrance of their life’s purpose. Inspirational, transformative, and profoundly soothing to body, mind and spirit, it could be said that the ‘Sounds of Sirius’ are calling you ‘home’.

Another purpose of these Galactic frequencies is the reactivation of the Earth’s Crystalline Grid. In her role as code bearer, Lia has journeyed to many of the planet’s ancient power portals, to help amplify their energetic vibration with her sacred sound at this time of ‘Awakening’

“In all my years of reviewing music, I can’t think of anyone who sounds like her. She is unique.”
Bill Binkleman, Zone Music Reporter

Latest News

Global Water Ceremony

This energetically active Golden Pyramid triggered an artesian spring to gush forth when it was built, making it the perfect place for the special Water Ceremony to be held on Saturday, September 21st 2019, led by Oglala Sioux Water Carrier and Pipeholder, Lisa Gerardi. Wherever you are in the world, you are warmly invited to join this ceremony of unification through the waters.

Lunar Eclipse Magic!

What a priviledge it was to be in the remote fishing village of Cooktown, on July 17th 2019, to witness the powerful Lunar Eclipse! Massive black granite boulders lined the foreshore like some ancient Stonehenge. Some like sleeping giants waiting for the sun’s rays to awaken; others, like breaching whales, rising from the deep to pay homage to the great solar god.

Soltice Crystal Grid

In the centre of this Solstice Pyramid grid, sits the beautiful Crystal Skull Teanna. Teanna carries the energies of many of the world’s sacred power centres. She has been part of ceremonies at Uluru, Mount Shasta, the vortex sites and red rocks of Arizona, many ancient druidic and royal sites in Ireland including Newgrange and […]

‘Peace Song Awards’ Winner!

The results for the Public Voting in the global ‘Peace Song Awards’ have been announced, and both my nominations ‘Prelude’ and ‘The Faerie Portal Opens’ have won in their categories! With ‘Prelude’ taking out two separate awards, that’s three awards in total!