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Mystical Ireland Crystal Grid

29 Aug

In the months before I embark on any sacred travels, I spend time in meditation focusing on the journey ahead. Certain Crystals usually come forward to lend their Light Consciousness to the sacred process at hand, as they have done in preparation for our ‘Mystical Ireland’ Journey of Love.

August & the Mega LeMurian Eclipse

26 Aug
eclipse 2017 _

What a month! Between the opening of the Lion’s 8.8.8 Gateway on August 8th, the powerful total Solar Eclipse on August 21st, five planets in retrograde, and high turbulence in the world around us, is it any wonder we are feeling strung out! James Tyberon’s article on the current planetary landscape is very enlightening.

Rainbow Magic

04 Jun
Rainbow Magic

Rainbow Magic Rainbow Magic on view from our balcony in Cairns last week! A perfect arc of pure joy that appeared for a just seconds, but left a lasting impression!

Inner Child Healing

03 Oct

When used together, ‘Starsong’ and ‘Song Of The Earth’ have proven to be profound Inner Child therapy. The high frequency vibrations contained within these two albums have been gifted to help reconnect us once more with our soul’s true essence.

The Inner Child

09 Sep

  Over the past months, my attention as been drawn again to the importance of healing the wounded child within. The channel Kryon through David Brown describes the state of the wounded child in the following powerful piece : “It is very easy to traumatize a child – all it takes is lack of love. […]

The Crystalline Realm

09 Sep
Citrine 1

I have had a profound love for Crystals for many years. More recently however, I have come into an even deeper understanding of my connection to these beautiful children of Mother Earth. Crystals are not just pretty stones. The heart connection we feel towards these precious gems is engendered by the Living Light Consciousness Beings […]

The Mysterious Crystal Skulls

19 May

  The mysterious Crystal Skulls continue to amaze me. Very recently, one of the ‘Journey of Love’ participants became the caretaker of a magnificent Citrine crystal skull that had been in my care for the past year. Just before leaving for Mexico, the skull communicated to me that it’s work with me was complete and […]