March 29, 2021

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“A sonic adventure you will never forget!
Lia’s vocal just shimmers with life.
Be sure to use headphones.

In all my years of reviewing music, ‘Ancient Kachina Wisdom’
is the most intimate song I have ever listened to.”  
Dick Metcalf – Contemporary Fusion Reviews
“Return of the Star Elders tells a tale of hope and redemption for humankind while taking us on a journey to places and cultures that are earthly, and some that are not. Supported by a team of outstanding musicians, Scallon’s music creates a bridge between a world in crisis and the Guardians of the ancient Stargates that exist between the worlds. Whether singing, chanting or speaking, Scallon’s voice is hypnotic and communicates very deeply. The album tells an extraordinary story and overflows with hope and enlightenment – something this world desperately needs these days.”
Kathy Parsons – Mainly


Musicians are the unsung heroes of our society and particularly in this time of great need, they spread the positive and shine a new light on our lives. Lia Scallon’s Return of The Star Elders holds a lot of meaning, for many reasons. It is cosmic…spiritual. Lia’s vocals are always so beautiful, making for yet another great listening experience that provides hope and the ushering in of a new age for the earth and all its inhabitants. If we believe it can happen, let this music lead the way!”
Keith Hannaleck – New Age Music Reviews

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