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“When presented with an album like Lia Scallon’s outstanding and glorious new release, Song of the Sidhe, it’s best to listen to its utter majesty in its entirety first, to allow all that has been created to sink in and fully flow within your energies. Scallon’s channelled vocals of the Faeire realm are so moving, so passionate and so deeply felt, that they will move you to tears of absolute bliss. At times, the mystical majesty is literally stunning. I found it difficult to move whilst listening to the vast energy of one of the most powerful and inspiring pieces  ‘Stone of Destiny‘, and nearly forgot to breath!  Song of the Sidhe is by far Lia Scallon’s best work. Albums like this are a complete treasure. Brilliantly produced, lovingly created, it is an album that demands to be part of the top shelf of your musical greats.”    Read Full Review
Steve Sheppard – One World Music

“Lia Scallon’s Song of the Sidhe is a musical exploration of the mythic world of Faerie and its connection to humanity. This is a stunningly crafted, richly and deeply textured recording featuring the artist’s amazing vocal talents as well as a host of instrumentalist guest artists. Trying to encapsulate in my brief available words, the magic that is contained in this album is impossible. For those who believe, this album will be a revelation, as Scallon’s vocals paint a passionate, yet somewhat sorrowful portrait of hope against despair. Powerful but also sublime, the music and vocals are beguiling in their beauty.”
Retailing Insight Magazine – USA

“Celestial songstress Lia Scallon, long acclaimed for her unique vocals, visits the world of the People of the Mounds. On her new Celtic foray, Song of the Sidhe, the secrets of the Otherworld are revealed on eight tracks of haunting, breathtaking music with whispery vocals and lush instrumentals. This is a record that you can put on and just disappear in the music, whether you be human or fairy-folk. Scallon’s crystalline voice has the resonation of signing bowls; the vocal floats in the air like some diaphanous mist. You can feel the magic.”    Read full review
R J Lannan, Zone Music Reporter

“As she did on The Luminous Pearl, vocalist Lia Scallon, redefines New Age vocal music on Song of the Sidhe, a concept album rooted in the mysticism of the land of Faerie, that speaks of the need for these mythical creatures to re-emerge now to aid us in healing a broken world. Singing in a fusing of her “Language of Light” with the language of the Faerie kingdom itself, Scallon transports the listener on a journey into the realm of myth and legend, suffused with beauty, sadness, and a sense of urgency. Supported by world-class musicians, and channelling the spirit of Tea Tephi, High Queen of the Irish Faerie Kingdom, she takes the listener deep into ages-old stories, brought alive through beautiful music and haunting vocals.”
Bill Binkelman,, Zone Music Reporter

“Long-time readers will know that I’ve been enchanted with Lia’s long-running series, Sounds of Sirius”.This new album is even more marvellous. Lia has produced a magical album that will tug deeply at your heartstrings. Music lovers everywhere will feel the power she evokes through these healing frequencies. Be sure you reserve a full hour to do your first listen to this album, so you can absorb all the magic of this wonderful musical experience.”  Read full review
Rotcod Zzaj – Contemporary Fusion Reviews

“In her album Song of the Sidhe Lia Scallon opens musical pathways to the Sidhe, the “Shining Ones” of the Celtic otherworlds. May they dance into your life through the portal of these songs.”
Jeremy Berg, author of Faerie Blood; artist for the Card Deck of the Sidhe

“Lia Scallon’s previous two albums received many awards and nominations, and I would expect Song of the Sidhe to be just as successful.”  Read Full Review
Kathy Parsons – Mainly Piano 

“Lia, I’ve been listening to your album and I feel completely relaxed and rejuvenated. The music just drapes one with space and peace. The music is exceptional, and the sound production is simply superb, culminating in an overall aesthetic that I can only describe as bliss – amazing work!”
Noshir Mody – Composer/Musician/Producer

“Such a tremendously beautiful and transporting body of work which, from the opening incantation, carries your forward into the realms of other worlds, and allows a reminder of all that has been forgotten. It hits down into the cell memory somehow and unlocks a doorway. I found it tremendously cinematic and visual… fluid soundscapes reaching back and back, with the simple piano, beautiful violin, and other textures of rhythm. I felt it should be a sound track for a film. In other hands the opening incantation might have sounded contrived but, your voice is perfect for this. You sit in a place of the deep feminine and speak from there, so it really does call you in, and there is a gravity to it.  Of course, I resonated with your singing voice also, which is rich and beautiful with such a depth of tone. I appreciated that you didn’t do anything complex, but allowed the voice to sit in true presence within the music. It made me think of a Queen – the voice of a Queen, full of power and majesty and commanding beauty. This album really was what I would call a journey. I was carried to ‘that place’, which for each of us may be different…but I was ‘there’.”
Aeone – Award-winning Singer, Composer

“Your album really takes the listener on a journey. It’s very cinematic and layered. What you do with your voice is unique. You create a world and then inhabit it with your stories, and your personality. It’s very inspiring, and so imaginative. My kind of music (Country/Roots) is all about the stories, whereas other genres like Pop, New Age, etc. clearly are not. They represent a moment in time, or a mood, or a simple idea. So much New Age is just occupying a ‘mood’, whereas you go so much farther. You have essentially transcended the idea that New Age should be that frozen moment in time, or a mood, and gone headlong into ‘story’. Story-telling is the most elemental of all human expression. We huddled around fire and shared our exploits, and told stories passed down from our parents to entertain and educate, upwards of 5 million years ago. Long before the Iron Age, this has been an essential part of the human experience, and it still is. Kudos on your achievement Lia, and I wish you the best of luck in the Grammys this year!”
Grant Maloy Smith – Chart-topping Singer/Songwriter

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