Source Stone and Song of the Sidhe CD


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A flat 10-sided Lapis Lazuli crystal, precision cut with Vogel-style facets.

50mm in Diameter. Sits comfortably in the palm of one’s hand.

Presented in it’s own SOS~Source Stone black velvet bag with gold trim.

The Vision: On direct Guidance from Spirit, Lia commissioned the creation of this powerful 10-sided, 10-triangled Decagon, which she was told would greatly assist people in receiving, and utilising the high frequency ‘Sounds of Source Transmissions’ to the fullest. A set of Master Source Stones travel with Lia to every SOS ~Sounds of Source event, for the purpose of establishing a crystalline grid within each space, in preparation for the Transmissions.

A selection of these powerful Source Stones was present at the recording of Lia’s new album ‘Song of the Sidhe’. These particular Stones therefore, are also imbued with frequencies from the Irish Faerie People, the Sidhe (Shee).

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Designed under direct Guidance from Spirit, the Sacred Geometric Source Stone anchors the high frequency ‘Sounds of Source’ within the Being.

The Qualities

  • Custom-carved from premium grade Lapis Lazuli
  • Vogel style precision-cut with 10 edges and 10 triangles
  • Imprinted with the sound and energy signature of the high frequency Sounds of Source
  • Imbued with the Sacred Indigo Ray, and the Golden Solar Ray
  • Embodies the sacred numerology of No.10 – the number of Perfection.
  • Personally charged by Lia in sacred ceremony with ‘The Master Skull Solar’.
  • Linked energetically to Lia’s 5 Master Source Stone Grid set.

The Purpose

  • To help you stabilize & adapt to the intense Solar Flares directed at our planet.
  • Strengthen your connection to the Great Central Sun
  • Align you with Mother Earth’s crystalline grid.
  • Gracefully anchor transformative new Solar codes into your physical body
  • Elevate your vibrational frequency exponentially each time you use it.
  • Awaken past life memories and spiritual gifts from Ancient Egypt
  • Activate remembrance of your Starseed origins
  • Sustain and maintain the newly opened direct Gateway to Source
  • Establish a new Indigo Ray Crystalline Grid throughout the Globe

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Additional information

Additional information

Weight .27 kg
Dimensions 12.5 × 14 × 3 cm