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Let The Music Take You on a Magical Journey Between  Worlds

In her brand new album Song of the Sidhe (Shee), celestial songstress Lia Scallon transports the listener deep into the mysterious and magical Celtic otherworld.  Song of the Sidhe
is a unique and extraordinary album. It is a call to humanity from the mystical People of the Mounds, for us to come into reunion with them and the Great Web of Life, so that we may heal our broken world.

“As she did on The Luminous Pearl, vocalist Lia Scallon, redefines New Age vocal music on ‘Song of the Sidhe’, a concept album rooted in the mysticism of the land of Faerie, that speaks of the need for these mythical creatures to re-emerge now to aid us in healing a broken world. Singing in a fusing of her “Language of Light” with the language of the Faerie kingdom itself, Scallon transports the listener on a journey into the realm of myth and legend, suffused with beauty, sadness, and a sense of urgency. Supported by world-class musicians, and channelling the spirit of Tea Tephi, High Queen of the Irish Faerie Kingdom, she takes the listener deep into ages-old stories, brought alive through beautiful music and haunting vocals.”
Bill Binkelman, Zone Music Reporter

“Celestial songstress Lia Scallon, long acclaimed for her unique vocals, visits the world of the People of the Mounds. On her new Celtic foray, ‘Song of the Sidhe’, the secrets of the Otherworld are revealed on eight tracks of haunting, breathtaking music with whispery vocals and lush instrumentals.”
R J Lannan, Zone Music Reporter

Long-time readers will know that I’ve been enchanted with Lia’s long-running series, “Sounds of Sirius”.This new album is even more marvelous, and music lovers everywhere will feel the power she evokes through the healing frequencies on songs like ‘Enchanted Crystalline Lake’. ‘King Heremon’s Return’ is one of the most enlightening pieces of music I’ve heard in 2018. Be sure you reserve a full hour to do your first listen to this album, so you can absorb all the magic – and do it with your headphones on… you won’t want to miss the glorious strains of the closing track, ‘Tara’s New Reign’. Lia has produced a magical album that will begin your journey towards healing, and nowhere is that better evidenced than on my personal favorite of the eight compositions, ‘The Faerie Portal Opens’….the strings and cello will tug deeply at your heartstrings. (Full Review)
Rotcod Zzaj

In her album ‘Song of the Sidhe’ Lia Scallon opens musical pathways to the Sidhe, the “Shining Ones” of the Celtic otherworlds. May they dance into your life through the portal of these songs.”
Jeremy Berg, author of Faerie Blood; artist for Card Deck of the Sidhe

The Story within the Music

The pre-destined time has come. Tea Tephi, High Queen of the Irish Faerie Kingdom, the ‘Sidhe’, (pronounced Shee) passionately invokes her King and her people to emerge from the Hollow Hills. The King Heremon returns to her side, and assisted by those awake and conscious Humankind, the portal between worlds opens. From the mists of time, the long-forgotten, mystical ‘Sidhe’ rise up and in that moment, the huge Diamond beneath the Enchanted Lake is reactivated. Triumphantly, the High Queen and High King ride forth, to stand once more upon the sacred ‘Stone of Destiny’. Faerie-kind and Humankind joyously unite, to celebrate the heralded Golden Age of Tara’s New Reign.

Track List

  1. Prelude  (6.49)
  2. Queen Tea’s Plea (11.58)                                                   
  3. King Heremon’s Return (9.02)           
  4. The Faerie Portal Opens (10.59)
  5. Rising of the Sidhe (8.22)      
  6. Enchanted Crystalline Lake (8.01)           
  7. Stone of Destiny (8.56)           
  8. Tara’s New Reign (9.34)

    Total Run Time: 74mins

Who are the Sidhe?

The Sidhe (Shee) are descendants of the Tuath De Danann, a peace-loving, ancient Irish race who were conquered and driven underground by the Milesians to become the people of the Hollow Hills, the Faerie people.

Celtic countries have always held a genuine and deep respect for the Faeries. Although seen as race apart, beings with magical and healing powers, the Sidhe, the People of the Mounds, are also considered neighbours, and custodians of the sacredness of the natural world.

The veil between the Faerie world and the human world is gossamer thin. At this challenging time when our world shows signs of great upheaval, fragmentation, and separation, the Sidhe wish us come into reunion with them, and with the Great Web of Life. They have long waited for a sign that humankind might once more acknowledge their existence. The Sidhe envision the dawning of a new era, one where they can walk beside us, helping us to reconnect with the Great Web of Life.

Now is that time! Embedded in the beautiful music of Song of the Sidhe is the Faerie Kingdoms’s call to humanity to awaken. As the human heart responds with Love and Trust to the music, the portals between the Faerie world and the Human world will open. A new dawn beckons, one where Faerie-kind and Human-kind reunite in harmony and co-operation, to herald a new era alive with magic and mystical blessings, bestowing honour upon the great Spirit of the Universe, and respect to the natural world.

We Are One

Your Role 

Now that the music has been released to the world, it is time for me  to pass the baton to you, the listener. The Sidhe have shown me that now that my job of bringing through their song, their story, and their energy from the ethers, and birthing it into physical form has been completed, it is now up those who receive the music to unfold the next chapter.

On first listening, it would be ideal if you could experience the whole album in one sitting. Unlike my other albums, ‘Song of the Sidhe’ unfolds a specific story. As you listen, you will be taken on a journey deep into the world of the Sidhe. Each track is a complete  journey in itself, but by listening to the entire 8 tracks as a whole, you will be immersed in the Sidhe’s energy in a special way.

You have been drawn to discover this music because there is a active role for you  to play. The Sidhe have chosen you to help anchor the energetic frequencies of this, their music, in the geographic location in which you live, and in those places through which you travel. Before playing the music, I suggest that you set the intention that these inter-dimensional frequencies will find their way into every nook and cranny of the earth around you; that they will wrap around every majestic tree, every plant, every stone and every elemental being in the vicinity; that they find their way into the veins and  leylines of Mother Earth, and in so doing, that the Sidhe of the region in which you live, will hear and respond. Sense the Sidhe stirring to the first strains of the music; see them releasing their grief; and witness them illuminate with joy as they hear their story being told to the world. With that, envision them emerging through the portals of Light that you have opened with your Love and your heart’s intent.

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Worldwide Release – May 18th, 2018

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Album Presentation

‘Song of the Sidhe’ has been produced to the highest standard and quality, not just in the musical production, but also in the artwork, layout and presentation of the album.

The physical product takes the form of a 6-Panel Gatefold pack, with an additional 8-Page Booklet. The exquisite artwork with its  lush and  vibrant colours, along with all the wonderful information relating to the Sidhe and the production of the album itself, will offer the listener a greatly enhanced depth of experience, as they embark on the journey of the music.

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