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Created in response to the devastating Covid-19 pandemic, this transformative musical journey offers comfort and reassurance at a time of great fear and isolation. It also seeks to remind us that, even when faced with the most difficult of challenges, the Human Spirit prevails.

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In the Darkest of Nights
Your Spirit will Sing of
Love, Light and Renewal

“Packed with sensitivity, unconditional love and utter beauty…you will not fail to be touched by Invisible Light. It is a musical panacea to cure all ills, and bring us a soothing dimension of hope.”  

 Steve Sheppard – One World Music                             Read Full Review

“When times are darkest, we yearn for the strongest light. Lia Scallon opens up a new world for her listeners at a time when the world seems destined to falter. Take courage…Lia’s crystal-clear, ethereal voice and otherworldly music, will generate the light you need to illuminate your soul.”
RJ Lannan – Artisan Music Reviews                            Read Full Review

“Lia’s angelic vocals…sounds that soothe the soul, energize the tired, relieve the stressed, and give clarity to the confusion. These are the ultimate tonics and elixirs we all seek to bring change. Thank you, Lia, for all of your gifts to humanity and for the amazing work you have provided through Invisible Light.”    
Keith Hannaleck – New Age Music Reviews               Read Full Review

“The symphonic elements of ‘Primal Cry’, are amazing. Lia’s stellar vocal reaches out with solace for your soul. Through her marvellous performance of ‘Renewal’, your spirit will become empowered. I fell in love with ‘Light Emerging’…one of the most powerful songs I have listened to in 2020.”     
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On the March Equinox 2020, I received strong Guidance to create some special music to counteract the fear, grief and isolation being triggered by the Corona crisis. There was a sense of urgency to this prompting, so in a leap of faith I booked the studio and on March 31st began to pull through from the ethers the music now called ‘Invisible Light’. What followed was  an intense labour of love.

The purpose of ‘Invisible Light’ is to offer comfort, solace and serenity in the face of the multi-faceted Covid-19 crisis.  It is my hope that this music will soothe the soul of the listener and help awaken that spark of self-empowerment that lies within.




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