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January 17, 2019

Global Peace Song Awards

Wonderful news! The two tracks from my new album ’Song of the Sidhe’ submitted for the ‘Global Peace Song Awards’, have both been selected as Finalists! 

‘The Faerie Portal Opens’ – in the New Age Music category;
‘Prelude (Song of the Sidhe Queen) – in the Spoken Word category.

My sincere thanks to the amazing panel of jurists of the Peace Song Awards for this honour, and most particularly to Steve Robertson for creating this music platform with its very powerful and focused mission:-

“Our Peace Song Awards aspire to empowering all musicians to guide humanity towards greater inner and outer peace with their music. We rebranded our contest to ensure that audiences and artists realize our focus on the message of peace, which distinguishes it from other music contests and awards.”

My heartfelt congratulations to all the other Finalists in the Awards, and of course, special kudos to my fabulous ’Song of the Sidhe’ music team: Nigel Pegrum, Mark Mannock, Ben Hakaliz, Simon McMenamin, Shakimra Charles, Joy Zahner, Kirk Steel and Christine Jackson (posthumously).

I believe you will get a chance to vote on this one my Friends, so I’ll keep you posted when I know more!

Listen to ‘Song of the Sidhe’ –

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