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USA Wholesale Customers – USA Distributors of The Sounds of Sirius CDs

Record Retail and Wholesale:

CPI distribution
Clay Pasternack
440 333 2208 (within USA)

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New Age stores order from:

New Leaf Distributing
1800 326 2665 (within USA)
New Retailers
Lia Scallon Order Page


For USA customers MP3 Downloads as well as physical CDs of the Sounds of Sirius are also available from


The Sounds of Sirius online store

CDs & mp3 downloads

CDs & mp3 downloads


mp3 downloads

Available at all quality book & record stores


Store locater
Customer Service Center

1-800-843-2665 (within USA)

Store locater
Customer Service Center
800-770-7811 (within USA)

When ordering quote relevant CAT/UPC code for each title

The Luminous Pearl SOS010
UPC# 01588 2001 182
Crystal Keys SOS009
UPC# 01588 2071 925
SOS Compilation SOS008
UPC# 884502252682
Song of Love for The Animals SOS007
UPC# 884502237115
The First Little Angels on Earth SOS006
UPC# 884502240894
Breath of Life SOS005
UPC# 884502240887
Diamond Light Meditation for Men SOS004
UPC# 884502240870
Diamond Light Meditation for Women SOS003
UPC# 884502240863
Starsong SOS002
UPC# 884502240856
Song of the Earth SOS001
UPC# 884502240849