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Discord Distribution Email:
Telephone: +44 (0)1892 511522 Fax: +44 (0)1892 511526
Post: DiscorD Distribution Ltd, PO Box 50, TUNBRIDGE WELLS, Kent, United Kingdom, TN4 8YD

For UK customers MP3 Downloads as well as physical CDs of the Sounds of Sirius are also available from

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CDs & mp3 downloads
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When ordering quote relevant CAT/EAN code for each title

Song of the Sidhe SOS011
UPC# 01588 2075 046
The Luminous Pearl SOS010
UPC# 01588 2001 182
Crystal Keys SOS009
UPC# 01588 2071 925
SOS Compilation SOS008
EAN# 9780975040874
Song of Love for The Animals SOS007
EAN# 9780975040867
The First Little Angels on Earth SOS006
EAN# 9780975040850
Breath of Life SOS005
EAN# 9780975040843
Diamond Light Meditation for Men SOS004
EAN# 9780975040836
Diamond Light Meditation for Women SOS003
EAN# 9780975040829
Starsong SOS002
EAN# 9780975040812
Song of the Earth SOS001
EAN# 9780975040805