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For European customers MP3 Downloads as well as physical CDs of the Sounds of Sirius are available from
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CDs & mp3 downloads
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When ordering quote relevant CAT/EAN code for each title

Song of the Sidhe SOS011
UPC# 01588 2075 046
The Luminous Pearl SOS010
UPC# 01588 2001 182
Crystal Keys SOS009
UPC# 01588 2071 925
SOS Compilation SOS008
EAN# 9780975040874
Song of Love for The Animals SOS007
EAN# 9780975040867
The First Little Angels on Earth SOS006
EAN# 9780975040850
Breath of Life SOS005
EAN# 9780975040843
Diamond Light Meditation for Men SOS004
EAN# 9780975040836
Diamond Light Meditation for Women SOS003
EAN# 9780975040829
Starsong SOS002
EAN# 9780975040812
Song of the Earth SOS001
EAN# 9780975040805