October 17, 2020

Ancient Prophecy – Dec 21st 2020


I recently became aware of some potentially Planet-transforming information related to the fulfillment of an ancient Australian Aboriginal Prophecy on December 21st 2020. After receiving identical information about the prophecy from several unrelated Aboriginal Elder sources over the past 3 years, Steven Strong of ‘Forgotten Origins’, decided to reveal it. He has urged people to share this news far and wide, for it seems the prophecy can only be fulfilled with our input. 

Since becoming aware of the information myself, I have been taken on a powerful journey of ‘joining the dots’  between the Prophecy and several threads of experience that have been evolving in my own life since 2012. I also felt compelled to follow Steve’s urging to spread the news. The response to the three newsletters I have since sent out on the topic, reveals how deeply this Prophecy is resonating with many people.

If you’re not on my mailing list and would like to know more about this December 21st event at Uluru, here are the links to the three newsletters:-

Newsletter 1:   The Magic Box
Newsletter 2:  Joining the Dots
Newsletter 3:  Uluru Prophecy – More Information


I will continue to share whatever further information comes my way in regard to the Uluru event. Regardless of whether or not something extraordinary does come to pass on Decemeber 21st, 2020, I believe our Planet can only benefit from the union of our energy towards a common high-intentional goal. Let us therefore, send all our Love, Good Intention, and Gratitude to Uluru at 9.02pm Northern Territory time, Australia,  on December 21st, in the hope that a mass awakening of humanity may ensue.


Love and Blessings,



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