Event Specials – SOS Source Stone


Ceremonially charged by Lia and
Imbued with Sacred Sounds from Source


The Vision: On direct Guidance from Spirit, Lia commissioned the creation of this powerful 10-sided, 10-triangled Decagon, which she was told would greatly assist people in receiving, and utilising the high frequency ‘Sounds of Source Transmissions’ to the fullest. A set of Master Source Stones travel with Lia to every SOS ~Sounds of Source event, for the purpose of establishing a crystalline grid within each space, in preparation for the Transmissions.

From the first seeding of the ‘Sounds of Source’ project, it was made clear to Lia that these Transmissions are entering on the Sacred Indigo Ray, and that the numerological symbology of the No 10 is of central importance. This is why she was specifically ‘instructed’ to charge only $10 entry fee for all these events. Upon receiving the vision of the Source Stone and its name, this important symbology was confirmed yet again, when Lia discovered that the initials SOS~SS (Sounds of Source~Source Stone) have a numerological value of 10!

The Crystal: The Source Stone has been custom carved from premium grade Lapis Lazuli from Afghanistan, the country considered to have the best quality Lapis Lazuli in the world. Lapis Lazuli is one of the best known crystals for activating the higher mind and psychic abilities through the third eye, allowing one to develop enhanced intuition and to access spiritual guidance. In Ancient Egypt, Lapis was unsurpassed as a stone of Royalty and spirituality. It was used to adorn the Pharaohs during their life, as well as to decorate their tombs for the journey to the next life. Lapis still carries the vibration of the inner ‘king’ or ‘queen’ that lies buried deep within each of us. It is the stone of Royalty in its truest nature.

In one of his readings, renowned Seer Edgar Cayce spoke of Lapis Lazuli thus…

” As to stones…have near to self, wear preferably upon the body, about the neck, the lapis lazuli; this preferably with crystal. It will be not merely as an ornament but as strength from the emanation which will be gained by the body always from same. For the stone is itself an emanation of vibrations of the elements that give vitality, protection  strength, and that of assurance in self, for it opens the psychic ability.” 


Imbued as it is, with the unique signature energy of the Divine ‘Sounds of Source’ frequencies transmitted through Lia, the Lapis Source Stone also carries the energy of the Sacred Indigo Ray, which it has been said, will trigger the next step in our evolution as a human species. In addition, Indigo-coloured Lapis also contains within it flecks of golden pyrite, which reflect the golden energy of the Solar Rays. Pyrite assists one in  acting upon one’s highest ideals and one’s visions. Lapis Lazuli therefore, is the perfect crystal to embody the essence of the ‘Sounds of Source Transmissions’.

Sacred Numerology: The Source Stone’s 10-sided geometric form embodies the vibration of the No 10, a number described by the Ancient Mystery Schools as the number of Perfection. No.10 symbolises a return to wholeness. Containing the 1 of New Beginnings, along with the Zero point, 10 encompasses the beginning and the end, as well as endless and open possibilities. No 1 by itself signifies leadership, individuality and originality. Zero by itself signifies the unlimited, the eternal, the universal…the Source. When placed in compound together, Zero increases and magnifies the potential of No.1 by times 10, adding dimension and vibrancy. When added together, 1+0, reduce back to 1 again, reinforcing the message of New Beginnings and the perfection of the One-in-All.

Carved with Pure Intention: On Lia’s specific request, the crystal carvers who carved the Source Stones, played her Sounds of Sirius music throughout the entire carving process. Lia had commissioned these carvers previously to carve some crystal skulls for her, and on sending them a gift of her award-winning album ‘Crystal Keys – Songs to Awaken and Heal’, was told that they now play the album constantly while they work. Lia was able to explain to the carvers that these stones would be used in sacred ceremony, that they would be the carriers of very high frequency energy, and that those who became their caretakers would use them as sacred tools with deep Spiritual intent. From their very inception therefore, these stones have been imbued with the signature sound and energy of the ‘Sounds of Source’.

Each Source Stone has subsequently, been personally charged by Lia in a special sacred ceremony.

As soon as they arrived with her, Lia put the Stones out on the Earth under the sun, to cleanse and energise them and also to imbue them with the frequency of the Australian Earth. The energy of Nature here in Cairns is sublime. The mountains and the ocean, the Great Barrier Reef and the abundant Tropical plant and animal life, all contribute to creating the high vibrational energy of what is arguably one of the most beautiful expressions of Mother Earth’s beauty, in the world.


Following a full day on the Earth, she brought all the Stones inside and placed them in a grid around ‘The Master Skull Solar’, flanked by several of her other very important Crystal Skulls. Here they remained overnight, bathing in Solar’s energy, imbuing information and frequency from him, and receiving his signature.


Just after sunrise the following morning, Lia performed a ceremony with ‘The Master Solar’ and the Source Stones, during which the Stones were imprinted with the Sounds of Source Sound Codes, in a Transmission that came through specifically for that purpose.

Having now used the Master Source Stones in the way in which it had been envisioned, during the ‘Sounds of Source’ events themselves, Lia has found them to be extremely powerful. There is no doubt in her mind that they are, as was shown in the original vision, anchoring and amplifying the high frequency ‘Sounds of Source Transmissions’. During each of the events, Lia’s personal Master Stone that has been used to direct the energy out towards the group in very specific ways.

SStone channelling-500x286

The following photos of the exquisite Lemurian Seed Crystal mandalas created for some of the ‘Sounds of Source’ events will give you some idea of how the other Master Source Stones are being used.



Source Stone


The Purpose: The Source Stone is designed to anchor within the Being, the otherworldly frequencies flooding through the direct Gateway to Source, newly opened by the ‘Sounds of Source Transmissions’. Placed in the left ‘receiving’ hand, or on the heart, 3rd Eye or Crown chakra, the stone will strengthen your connection to the Great Central Sun, as well as to Mother Earth’s crystalline grid. Past life memories and gifts from lifetimes in ancient Egypt may awaken, as well as the stirring of your Starseed origins to Sirius and other aligned star groups.


All those who feel drawn to attend one of the Sounds of Source events, and to become the caretaker of a Source Stone, are encouraged to use the Source Stone daily to tune into the newly opened, direct Gateway to Source that has been activated by the four Cardinal Point events in their city or area. This will strengthen the energies of the new Gateway, with the result that over time, many more people in the area will begin to be resonate and vibrate to that higher frequency energy. In the bigger picture vision Lia received in regard to the purpose of the Source Stone,  she was shown that as more and more of these special crystals begin to dot across Australia and hopefully in time throughout the globe, they will establish their own unique and powerful Sacred Indigo-Ray, crystalline grid.

Importantly, the Source Stone is designed to help you adapt to the geo-magnetic waves and Solar Flare radiation currently directed at our planet. The Source Stone acts as a stabilizer, allowing transformative Solar codes to enter your physical body with ease. It will raise your vibration exponentially the more you use it.

Source Stone Summary

  • Custom-carved from premium grade Lapis Lazuli
  • Imprinted with the sound and energy signature of the high frequency Sounds of Source
  • Imbued with the Sacred Indigo Ray, and the Golden Solar Ray
  • Vogel-style precision-cut with 10 edges, 10 triangles
  • Embodies sacred numerology of No.10, considered by the Ancients to be the number of Perfection.
  • Each Stone personally charged by Lia in sacred ceremony with ‘The Master Skull Solar’
  • Linked energetically to Lia’s Master Source Stone Grid set.
  • Will help you stabilize & adapt to the intense Solar Flare activity directed at our planet.
  • Strengthen your connection to the Great Central Sun
  • Align you with Mother Earth’s crystalline grid.
  • Awaken past life memories and spiritual gifts from Ancient Egypt
  • Activate remembrance of your Starseed origins
  • Gracefully anchor transformative new Solar codes into your physical body
  • Elevate your vibrational frequency exponentially each time you use it.
  • Sustain and maintain the newly opened direct Gateway to Source
  • Establish a new Indigo Ray Crystalline Grid throughout the Globe

The Source Stone

A flat 10-sided Lapis Lazuli crystal, precision cut with Vogel-style facets.
50mm in Diameter. Sits comfortably in the palm of one’s hand.

 Price: $130


Presented in it’s own SOS ~ Source Stone Bag black velvet bag with gold trim.

“Thank you so much for the most Beautiful Source Stone. I will order another one soon for my son. The night I received the Source Stone we were meditating together as we do every night, and he noticed it in my palm. The first thing he said was that it looked like I was holding stars in my hand. This is exactly what I thought myself! Because it is crafted from the finest Lapis I have ever seen, it truly does look like I am holding the Universe and stars in my hand. My son immediately wanted one!”    
Paul – Sydney