Articles by Lia

The Language of Light – A Personal Journey – by Lia Scallon
Awakening The Crystal Masters – part 1 by Lia Scallon
Awakening The Crystal Masters – part 2 by Lia Scallon
The Healing Power of Sound  – by Lia Scallon New Dawn Magazine
Crystal Skulls – by Lia Scallon
SoulQuest Journey to Mexico – 2006  by Lia Scallon part 1

Mexico Journey 2010 – by Lia Scallon part 2
Sirius & our starseed connection – by Lia Scallon
Channelling – by Lia Scallon
The Cosmic Diamond – by Lia Scallon
The Breath of Life – by Lia Scallon
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Guest Articles on Sound Healing

Sound as Healer  – by Carlisle Bergquist
Human Harmonies – by Larry Dossey, M.D.
Healing with Crystal Sound – by Susie Nelson-Smith
Harmonic Sounds for the Soul – by Viki Sky
Notes On Sound Healing -by Stephen Halpern
Quotations on Sound and Healing
Carlos Barrios first published by Trans4mind
The Ascension & the 144 – Crystal Grid by Tyberonn

Sound Healing Reading List

* “Healing with the Voice” – James D’Angelo
* “Healing Sounds – The Power of Harmonics’ – Jonathon Goldman
* ‘The World of Sound – Nada Brahma’  –  Joachim-Ernst Berendt
* “Ears of the Angels’  – Deena Zalkind Spear
* ‘Sound Healing’ – Shirley Roden
* ‘Water Sound Images’ – Alexander Lauterwasser

Guest Articles – Miscellaneous

GAIA –  by Gail Swanson – Heart of Love
Living Consciously – The Sacred Feminine – by Gihan Kandeel
Isis – Ancient Egyptian Goddess courtesy of Mysticology website
The Eye Of God
Online Channelling – by Dr Meg Blackburn, April 24 2003

Our Father – by Neil Douglas-Klotz MA
Healing Wonders – A poem by Donna
Sacred Silk Cloth ‘Cosmic Integration’ – Margaret Rush
8.8.8   –  Galactic Gateways Open  – by Gillian Mac-Beth-Louthan
The Language of Light – by Helen Belot
Starborne – 1 & 2 by Solara Antara Amaa-Ra

Sirius & Starseed Reaming List

* The Sirius Connection -Murray Hope
* The Lion People  – Murray Hope
* The Sirius Mystyery – Robert Temple
* Transmissions from Sirius – Wendy Munroe
* The Sirius Connection – Lazaris
* The Star-Borne –  Solara
* 11.11  –   Solara
* Earth – Pleiadian Keys to the Living Library  – Barbara Marciniak
* Bringers of the Dawn  –  Barbara Marchiniak
* The Pleiadian Workbook  –  Amorah Quan Yin
* The Keys of Enoch – The Book of Knowledge


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