Lia Scallon and the Sounds of Sirius - Sounds of Source

For over a decade, Lia Scallon’s angelic songs and accompanying ‘Language of Light’ have been transforming lives throughout the world. Described as being imbued with the frequency of pure Love, Lia’s ethereal vocals induce an immediate sense of calm and peacefulness. Many people claim that the Sounds of Sirius reach deep into their soul, giving them a sense of ‘coming home’. It could be said that the Sounds of Sirius bypass the conscious mind and speak directly to the soul.It is Lia’s most sincere wish that her sacred songs may touch the hearts of all who hear them.

Luminous Joy

23 Feb

Oh Joy of Joys! A week to the day after ‘The Luminous Pearl’ won the OWMMA Award for Best New Age Album, I found out that the album had been nominated for Best Vocal Album in the International ZMR Awards. My cup overfloweth! I am hoping to find a way to make it to the […]

SOS ~ Sydney Adventures

23 Feb

It was with great anticipation that I boarded the plane from Cairns to Sydney on Saturday November 23rd 2013! After months of planning, all was now finally in place for the four SOS ~ Sounds of Source events which would take place North , South, East and West of that beautiful city. The following account […]

Lias first single release from The Luminous Pearl - Songs of Mystery, Beauty and Light

Age of Wisdom Mp3 – First Single release from ‘The Luminous Pearl’

“Like an angel reaching out to caress the inner workings of my soul.
Beautiful and heart wrenching, this piece took me to a place beyond the pale of everyday musical experiences.”

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