Lia Scallon and the Sounds of Sirius - Sounds of Source

For the past 16 years, Lia Scallon’s angelic songs and accompanying ‘Language of Light’ have been transforming lives throughout the world. Imbued as they are with the frequency of pure Love, Lia’s otherworldly vocals carry key activation codes that trigger deep soul remembrances. Many listeners experience a profound and poignant sense of ‘coming home’. Another purpose of these Galactic frequencies is the reactivation of the Earth's Crystalline Light Grid. In her role as code bearer, Lia has journeyed to many of the planet’s ancient power portals, to help amplify their energetic vibration with her sacred sound, at this critical time of ‘Great Awakening’. Her ceremonial work with the mystical Crystal Skulls is an integral part of that joyously undertaken task. It is Lia’s heartfelt wish that the sacred Source Songs that come through her, may awaken the hidden treasures within your soul.

Mystical Ireland Crystal Grid

29 Aug

In the months before I embark on any sacred travels, I spend time in meditation focusing on the journey ahead. Certain Crystals usually come forward to lend their Light Consciousness to the sacred process at hand, as they have done in preparation for our ‘Mystical Ireland’ Journey of Love.

August & the Mega LeMurian Eclipse

26 Aug
eclipse 2017 _

What a month! Between the opening of the Lion’s 8.8.8 Gateway on August 8th, the powerful total Solar Eclipse on August 21st, five planets in retrograde, and high turbulence in the world around us, is it any wonder we are feeling strung out! James Tyberon’s article on the current planetary landscape is very enlightening.

Lias first single release from The Luminous Pearl - Songs of Mystery, Beauty and Light

Age of Wisdom Mp3 – First Single release from ‘The Luminous Pearl’

“Like an angel reaching out to caress the inner workings of my soul.
Beautiful and heart wrenching, this piece took me to a place beyond the pale of everyday musical experiences.”

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