Lia Scallon and the Sounds of Sirius - Sounds of Source

For over a decade Lia Scallon’s angelic songs and Light Language have been transforming lives throughout the world. Described as being the sound of pure Love, Lia’s ethereal vocals induce an immediate sense of calm and peacefulness. Many say the ‘Sounds of Sirius’ reach deep into their soul, giving them a sense of ‘coming home’. These exquisite songs have demonstrated the ability to activate dormant soul gifts and ancient knowings, and open the door to transformation and self-healing. It is Lia’s most sincere wish that her sacred songs may bring a sense of inner harmony and peace to all who hear them, and a remembrance of the Divine Cosmic Light that resides deep within all living things.

Mexico 2016 – Journey of Love

29 Apr

For the first time ever, I’d like to invite you to travel with me on a sacred earth journey – not just in spirit this time, but physically! We will travel deep into the heart of the Ancient Maya, to unlock the wisdom bequeathed by them in stone. In so doing, you will unlock many of the long-held secrets of your soul.

Sound Creates Matter

29 Apr

Cymatics is the science of how sound visibly creates matter. Typically, the surface of a plate or membrane is coated with a thin coating of particles or liquid such as sand or water, which is then exposed to various vibrations. Different visual patterns instantly emerge, depending on the geometry of the plate and the frequency […]

Surfing the Psychic Waves!

22 Apr

San Francisco Radio Host Kristina Walsh invites you to… “Come Surf the Psychic Waves with the Sun, ‘Solar’ the Crystal Skull, and the magical Lia Scallon. We covered so much in this interview!”

Organite Crystal Pyramids

13 Apr

The ‘Sidhe Spiral’ Orgone Crystal Pyramid can best be described as a transmitter of Universal Light Energy, with the capacity to automatically transform lower or negative vibrational energy into higher, positive vibrational energy.

Lias first single release from The Luminous Pearl - Songs of Mystery, Beauty and Light

Age of Wisdom Mp3 – First Single release from ‘The Luminous Pearl’

“Like an angel reaching out to caress the inner workings of my soul.
Beautiful and heart wrenching, this piece took me to a place beyond the pale of everyday musical experiences.”

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